Judge Binyomin Lasri from Rabbinical court in Israel declare we are not following God laws

The Rabbis’ Smoking Gun and the Guns of War V24


Hello again everyone, and welcome to my next video. Most of you already know that I am always telling you on this channel about the rampant rabbinic corruption in modern day rabbinic courts, and especially in the State of Israel. What I have for you today are two “smoking guns”, which corroborate everything I have ever told you about this subject. For the first one, I will play for you  an audio clip of a supposed rabbi of the Israeli Rabbinate, by the name of Binyomin Lasri, who comes from the city of Petach Tikva. In the clip, this Lasri can be heard, clearly telling someone that the rabbinic decisions of the Israeli Rabbinate relating to divorce, have absolutely nothing to do with Torah and halacha. Yes, you heard that right! According to Lasri, the Rabbanut’s decisions are based totally on secular court policies. Give a listen now to this extraordinary piece of evidence.



Now I will translate the gist of his comments for you in English:

‘I am explaining to you today that in the modern times we are living in the State of Israel – and there were times like this when the Jewish people were in the diaspora – that we have no strength to restore the religion. There is no strength – at this time there is no religious restoration. The Bet Din cannot do everything according to Torah law. Do you understand? … According to Torah Law – so I am explaining to you that today it has no independence in decision making at all. From the standpoint of Torah law it has no independence … We just don’t go to war with the Supreme Court … You have to understand that the Bet Din, due to secular law, due to the Supreme Court at the entrance to Jeusalem, it is not the Bet Din that you think it is. It is what it is. I am simply trying to explain to you – so I will explain to you what has changed, if the Bet Din would have understood that it has independent decision-making abilities, and what it decides is solid and there is no body that could cancel it, then the Bet Din would rule that way…”

So, it comes out based on what Lassie here is saying, is that all of the Gittin procured by him and his associates in Israel are invalid, because they haven’t been applying authentic halocho principles. They have been basing their decisions on what the Israeli secular courts have been asking them to do. So instead of demonstrating that they posses a backbone, and will stand up to the secularists on principle, the Lassies of the Rabbanut stand on their hind legs, wagging their tongues while  doing whatever their masters in the Knesset tell them to do.

And now, here comes smoking gun number 2: I have linked for you below a letter issued by the Federation Bais din of London, which I will now read to you, as I analyze their distortions and outright heresy in matters of divorce.

Did you pay attention to this crafty letter that the London bais Din wrote? They essentially reached out to legislators to construct a bill that will impose the harshest sanctions against a man who refuses to give a Get, while at the same time they realized that, OOPS! We messed up, since the woman can just ignore the bais din and go directly to the court to seek relief for her Get! So they catch themselves here, and say NO! We will not write you a Get unless you come to us first so we can “KOSHER” this imprisonment of your husband! You see, if the woman avoids going to the bais din, they lose all of the revenue associated with a divorce procedure, and that just cannot be tolerated! So now, do you really think we can trust these rabbis to rule on coercion, when they themselves promote this Domestic abuse act in Parliament? Do you really believe that they would ever rule that you cannot coerce a man to give a GET! Of course not, my friends!

For those of you that have not yet watched my video on Mendel Epstein the prodfather, I will link it for you at the end of this video. This is the man who led a rabbinic kidnapping bais din, and was caught red handed with his pants down. His own smoking gun was when he told the FBI that he performs kidnappings, and uses a cattle prod to force men in troubled marriages to give a Get. It’s just that the “husband” that Epstein was pursuing, as well as the “wife” on whose behalf he was pursuing the husband, both didn’t exist. That whole scandal only illustrated to all that Epstein wasn’t interested in halocho at all, but only in the $70,000 that he was contracted for in order to carry out the hit! The sting operation that the FBI conducted, revealed Epstein’s shoddy work as a rabbi, in that he was only someone who follows the money, and nothing else!

So, there you have it! 2 smoking guns which reveal to us a totally fraudulent rabbinic system that has corrupted our divorce process. Whether these rabbis appear to us looking like this (show photo of corrupt rabbi), or like this ( photo), or even like this (photo), it is all meaningless, because they are nothing but wolves in sheep’s clothing, heretics who have nothing to do with Torah. WERE YOU  IMPRESSED WITH THOSE NICE FLOWING BEARDS AND ROUNDED BLACK HATS. RIGHT?  It is no different than if you or I would dress up as an airline pilot on Purim. They might be wearing respectable enough garb on the outside, but on the inside, it is nothing but pure garbage. Countless women have been fooled by these “rabbis”, receiving invalid Gittin which causes them to sin with Eshet ish. And the world’s rabbinic leaders choose to ignore these halachic violations, while burying their heads in the sand.

As anyone who is a regular viewer of this channel knows, I am fond of quoting the gemoro in Shabbos 139A, which states that tragedies around the world are happening on the account of compromised behavior on the part of our leaders. While Hashem has sent us many wake-up calls in past years, our leaders have still chosen to ignore this gemoro in tractate Shabbos. So now it has come to the point that we have a war breaking out in Ukraine, with all of the horrendous resultant effects on human life and other suffering that it entails. And worst of all is, that nobody knows exactly where all of this will end. Our sages in Avos 5:11 state, and I quote “The sword comes to the world for the procrastination of justice, the corruption of justice, and because of those who misinterpret the Torah.” Sword here, is another term for War. So again, the lesson we receive from this Mishna is that the absence of peace in the world is tied to the absence of honest jurisprudence. It means that a lot of suffering could have been avoided if only our wayward judges would have finally started to issue honest rulings. But alas, instead of acting as the guardians of the Torah and the Jewish pedigree, the Rabbanut in Israel as well as other Bais Dins worldwide, have sold Judaism and its precepts down the river, by stomping on the rules of divorce and many other Torah disciplines.

Now, as many of you know, we Jews conclude our prayers every day with the blessing of sholom, of peace. Without peace, we have neither spiritual nor physical life on this earth. It is my fervent hope that our true and ethical leaders will muster the courage to resist these evil and corrupted rabbinic judges that bring war and suffering to the world as delineated by our sages in Pirkei Avos. In that merit, that we demonstrate to the almighty our complete devotion to his torah and mitzvot , that we will IY”H merit true sholom, peace and the moshiach very soon without any suffering.

Thank you for watching and see you all in the next video.

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