Alan Dershowitz, A US citizen is being held hostage by a rabbinical court in Israel

“No foreign court should have authority over a (foreign) American citizen who happens to be visiting Israel.”


This is Yakov Hoffman, Zion’s prisoner for six years, although he didn’t commit any crime.

Probably you don’t know, but the state of Israel took the “freedom” to be an international court! You here right. The state of Israel has worldwide jurisdiction, and they can arrest anyone and force him to be a judge in Israel just because he crosses into Israel. Not because they committed a crime but for any reason. In this story, Haim and Debora Hoffman got married in 1997.

Deborah Hoffman, on the right. The Israeli news published she is very sick, but when she got celebrate the Get even the blare the picture, she looked very healthy.

In 2005 during a family visit at Debora’s parents in Israel, Debora took the kids, kicked Haim’s ass, and applied for divorce. Haim had no choice but to go back to the US to save his life because men in Israel have no human rights and are not even suitable to be a father for their very kids. The United States published a travel warning to Israel years ago.


Many of you will now ask why they didn’t divorce as a USA citizen in the US. The answer is as we say above. The state of Israel does not consider human rights, and they enslaved people allegedly by law as acting like legitimate International Court. They worked like they had the world’s consent (by world closing their eyes) to do so. This is not funny because the world does Zero to stop this crime, and Israeli criminal judges to do so, at least against each state citizen, and the reason for this is they are Jewish!

During the last twenty years, the state of Israel has arrested tens of thousands of foreign citizens for this kind of illegal issue. As Alen Dershowitz, Professor of Law, says, “No court should have authority over a foreign citizen” this quote is suitable for any State. 

How wide are the long arm of the State of Israel is? The Israelis are the only nation who have courts officially worldwide (for conversion and divorce) in several states like Australia, Italy, England, USA, Belgium, South Africa, Holland,  Turkey, Franc, Canada, Russia, Argentina, Brasil, Venezuela, Mexico, Panama, Chile, Swaziland, and more. By having a court worldwide, Israel violated the sovereignty of these states. Because no state has done anything about it, we believe this is all to have Israel, a member of the new world order. No other Nation or religion has courts worldwide. Israeli intelligence uses these worldwide courts to collect intelligence in countries Israel can’t collect officially, and I mean espionage.

You can see the Israeli Court list on the Israeli gov website (published only in Hebrew) for your convince. We attached it at the bottom of this article. 

This story you are about to read was published first by Alan Dershowitz, Professor of Law, in a case he took and got Zero results just because the US state department allowed these crimes of the state of Israel to run with no interference. Ask yourself why? And the answer is simple reasons. The first is Jews don’t want to speak loudly against the state of Israel because of emotional reasons (although they do it loudly for the Palestinians). The second reason is that the state department is holding an antisemitic agenda. They don’t involve when Jewish fights. They are sitting in a side and lookin at this show with pleasure when the gladiators fighting to the death as was in ancient Rome and cheering while someone won and the second died. 

The USA, for example, can stop Israel with no effort because Israel entirely depends on the US. The State Department knows well that the main news will not report the Americans about the US abandoning US citizens even if their human rights are violated just because they are Jewish. The American news is collaborate with silencing when it come to Jewish rights. Facebook, Twitter, and Google are deleting these posts because these companies are holding Antisemitic agendas. Today I can tell for sure that Truth social are going to delete this truth because, according to their perception and understanding, they are always confused between the terms Jewish and Israel. Most of the world doesn’t know that Israel is not a Jewish state not now and not never.


The state of Israel is a member of the new world “order” and this is why we scarify more Jews to death to establish this new “order” goal?

Deborah Hoffman, Hiding from the camera because the Israeli news claim she is very sick and her husbands Haim left her with the 7 years old kid and a baby. While the truth is she throw him from her parents home 16 years ago and file to divorce him and she tries to take his money and not just his kids!


This is a story of an elderly and sick US citizen, Jewish, named Jacob Hoffman who was Zion prisoner and held hostage for six years by a rabbinical court in Israel. All the crimes committed against him are crimes against humanity and violating all International laws and amendments. These crime supported by the Israeli supreme court.

All Haim Hoffman want is to have his kids back in his loving country after the was kidnaped by his wife and by the power of the state of Israel. this is not the first case and not the last one. this tragedy is story of all the Jewish their wives ran to Israel to be protected by this Feminazi law state

He is being threatened with imprisonment if he tries to leave Israel and return to his home in the U.S., where he needs medical treatment from his long-term doctors. Not only is this elderly man a U.S. citizen, he has absolutely no connection to Israel: He is neither a citizen nor a resident of Israel.

His crime? Having a son, from whom he is estranged and who lives in the U.S., who has refused to give a religious divorce (a get) to his ex-wife who lives in Israel. Although the evidence proves that the hostage father, who is religious, has absolutely no influence over his irreligious son, the rabbinical court, which is not really a court of law by any acceptable standards of justice, is holding the father as a bargaining chip to compel his American son to grant the get. The father is also being sanctioned with an astronomical sum of 5000 shekels per day until his son gives a divorce.

If this sounds like something that could only happen in an Iranian sharia court, it’s just as bad in Israel, where the rabbinical courts claim legal authority to impose their religious rulings on any Jew who sets foot on Israeli soil. In this case, the hostage is not even a party to the legal proceeding between the estranged husband and wife. Since the son is safely in the U.S., and thus beyond the reach of the Israeli rabbinical courts, the only leverage the rabbis have over the irreligious son is to hold his religious father as a hostage.

There can be little doubt that the Israeli rabbinical court is holding this American citizen as a hostage in violation of Israeli law, Jewish law, and basic humanitarian principles applicable to all nations. The Israeli Supreme Court has held that hostage taking is unlawful even when national security interests are at stake. In the well-known case involving Lebanese hostages held as bargaining chips by Israeli authorities, former President Aaron Barak of the Israel Supreme Court ruled that there is absolutely no basis in Israeli law for holding hostages in order to influence the conduct of others. Jewish law, likewise, prohibit

Yet the rabbinical judges, some of whom seem to make up the law as they go along, have chosen to violate all these principles, in a desperate effort to achieve a desirable end — namely, produce a get for a woman who was left an agunah, a term for a woman whose husband has left her. But a desirable end cannot be achieved by unlawful means.

Recently in the U.S., a group of young Jewish men also decided to use unlawful means to extort a get from an unwilling husband. In that case they kidnapped the husband, threatened him physically, and beat him. The U.S. authorities arrested the young men, who claimed in their defense that they were trying to achieve a just result. The court properly rejected that proposed defense, convicted the young men, and sentenced them to prison. The rabbinical court is acting comparably to these young criminals by seeking to extort a get by unlawful means. But what the Israeli rabbinical court did was, in some respects, even worse. The young men went directly after the sinner who refused to give the get. The rabbinical court is using life-endangering physical threats against a sick old man who has absolutely no control over his son’s behavior.

I have agreed to help achieve justice for the hostage father, because he is an American citizen being improperly detained and sanctioned in Israel by the rabbinical court in violation of law. We plan to bring this injustice to the attention of United States authorities, since the hostage is a U.S. citizen, not an Israeli citizen, who is being prevented from exercising his right to return to his own country to obtain the medical care he needs from his long-term doctors. The American authorities may find it difficult to believe their closest ally Israel is allowing this rabbinical court to act in so an unlawful manner against a U.S. citizen. But the facts are there for all to see.

I am assured by the father’s Israeli lawyer Yael Nagar, his rabbinical advocate Rabbi Moshe Mittelman, and by multiple family members that there is no possibility that the father can persuade his son to give the get and that there is no credible evidence to the contrary in the record. Recently, the father was hospitalized in the intensive care unit and put on life support due to a chronic illness. The estranged son is in total disregard to his father’s medical and hostage situation. Nothing will be gained by keeping this frail and elderly U.S. citizen from returning to his country. The goal of the rabbinic court is to obtain a get for the aguna, not to punish her former father-in-law. Unless the rabbinical court’s decree is reversed, this old man will almost certainly die away from his home, and his son will continue to refuse the get.

No rabbinical court should have authority over an American citizen who happens to be Jewish. Religion should not have the compulsion of the government to enforce its decrees, especially against noncitizens who are not even parties to the legal proceeding. Religion should rely on moral persuasion, not state-sanctioned physical force. Theodore Herzl hoped that in the Jewish state “We shall keep the priests [Rabbis] within the confines of their temples.” This hope was not realized, but the rabbis must not be given the authority to compel religious observance, especially against one who is not a party and has no power to enforce its religious decree.

I will not rest until this gross injustice of trumped up unproven charges and sanctions to a U.S. citizen are ended and he is allowed to come home.

Alan Dershowitz (@AlanDersh) is a contributor to the Washington Examiner’s Beltway Confidential blog. He is the Felix Frankfurter Professor of Law, Emeritus, at Harvard Law School and author of The Case Against Impeaching Trump (Skyhorse Publishing, 2018). This piece was originally published by Israel Today.

s punishing innocent fathers for the sins of their sons. And basic humanitarian law looks askance at collective familial responsibility under which a father is held hostage to compel his son to do something he has chosen not to do.

Does who want contact Mr. Alen Dershovitz can contact him by his Tweeter account in order to get help or legal advise.


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