Israeli citizenship isn't an act of God

Cancellation of citizenship is very similar to disconnecting service from cellular companies. You do not have to explain why you are leaving; you are not supposed to explain to anyone where you are going and what you intend to do. 

It turns out that the State of Israel tries to bind you to remain a citizen even when you are not interested in their services anymore, which makes the State of Israel as a gang that force you to stay an Israeli citizen and force you to pay protection (tax money, and more) same as the organized crime works. Israel forces you to keep up an Israeli.

To revoke your Israeli citizenship is not an act of God. We can help you solve this problem if you are interested in a uniquely simple way. A person cannot be forced to be a citizen of a particular state. To revoke your citizenship, you need just the proof which you canceled your citizenship.

The State of Israel does everything to prevent you from revoking your Israeli citizenship. Officially, the main reason is that no Israeli will be left without citizenship, while the real reason is straightforward collecting tax money from abroad.

Therefore, you are required by Israel to take the following steps and pray that they will “confirm” the denial of your Israeli citizenship.

  1. Contact the Israeli representative office in the state you are residing in to submit an application for waiver of Israeli citizenship, which will be examined according to Israeli criteria and procedures.
  2. You will be asked to explain why you want to relinquish your Israeli citizenship and where you intend to live.
  3. You demand to provide a verified original confirmation of your other citizenship as a condition for revocation of citizenship, presentation of an original foreign passport, and a printed copy of it.
  4. Payment fees associated with the application are mandatory.
  5. And more difficulties……
  6. No one can promise you Israel will cancel your Israeli citizenship.  
Press here if you choose to do it the hard way We provide you a shortcut to the Israeli website.

Is it the right way for citizenship cancelation?

It would help if you were prepared to embark on a very long and tedious journey, to begin with applying. Still, the State of Israel may refuse your application, and you are likely to go through a grueling journey on the way to its cancellation.

For some of us, the requirement to visit the Israeli representative office in your area of residence may be dangerous because the embassy area is a sovereign territory of the State of Israel, from which exit is not guaranteed. When you voluntarily enter the Israeli embassy legally, you allow the Israeli embassy to do whatever they want and force you to go back to Israel even in a diplomatic box (anesthetized and respiration or alive or dead) without being responsible for the state you are in.

The Israeli requirement for the citizenship cancelation request is rude since it is an invasion of your privacy and is illegitimate and unnecessary.

The Israeli demand for presentation of other citizenship to the representatives of the State of Israel is another violation of the applicant’s rights to revoke citizenship for privacy. The copy of the passport left in the hands of the Israeli representation is another violation of the applicant’s rights.

Payment of the fee does not guarantee the revocation of citizenship.

What are we offering?

  1. No need to arrive. It is possible to send all the materials by email subject to your application signed by a notary. The communication with us to verify the data for questions and answers will be done with the help of video calls as required. So, the procedure is much more straightforward and more accessible.
  2. We are not interested in knowing why you want to revoke your citizenship; we are pretty clear why. Of course, if you’re going to attach your story, we can also help you publish it on our website for the whole world to know.
  3. We do not need a copy of a foreign passport as a condition of notification of revocation of citizenship.

The process with us is much easier and faster, which is why we provide the service to make it easier for those who want to cancel their Israeli citizenship to cancel it effortlessly.

Step 1

You must know this is a one way and you can’t revers it

Step 2

You need to send us an application to cancel your Israeli citizenship signed by Notary. See the file lunch by this shortcut.

Step 3

We will send your application to the Israel Ministry of Interior.


Step 4

We will send you a Notarized certificate approval declaration you canceled your Israeli citizenship by our firm.


Step 5

Our lawyer will give you an affidavit to support you as long as you need to prove you canceled your Israeli citizenship for all your needs.

Step 6

We will provide our testimony (according to our contract terms) if you need our testimony in court.

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