Israel Minister Of Propaganda (I.M.O.P)

Dear readers, if you live in Israel then this page is for you. You may not be able to reach our website one day. This is because of the blocking of the URL with the collaboration of your Internet supplier to which you are connected We enclose a video that will help you solve the problem not only for our site but for all the sites blocked by the State of Israel Recently, Propaganda Minister Dr. Haim Wismonsky (same job as Joseph Goebbels in Nazi Germany ) changed the tactic of the Ministry of Zionist Propaganda in light of Google’s failure to censor the content of our first website ednakarnaval.com for Hebrew readers
This is the Minister of Propaganda, Haim Wismonsky
Haim Wismonsky request and received a secret law order from “Judge” Bnei Sagi, a “judge” from the Tel Aviv circus (Court), to block our domain name address from various Internet suppliers throughout the kingdom of Sodom (Israel) We turned to Sagi to get a copy of the law order to assert your rights to browse our site and in general wherever you want, but Sagi believes that your right to know how the Israeli regime is conducted in the dark does not exist The very decision of Sagi to block content dealing with criticism of the judges is wrong. but instead of drawing the required conclusion and correcting the criminal ways they decided (regime representatives) to upgrade the state of Israel from democracy to Chinese, North Korean powers, and other kinds of dictatorships Since the DNS blocking is done by the I.S.P (providers) that provide you with the internet service, you can replace the DNS service provider with a more reliable provider such as Google’s DNS servers worldwide (as opposed to Google in Sodom) We are attaching this video to anyone interested in replacing a local DNS service provider with a worldwide DNS Server provider (google) Good luck and don’t forget we are waiting for you
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