How the President of Poland responded to a letter from a Jewish Holocaust survivor




Presidents of Poland Prezydent Rzeczypospolitej Polskieand and President of Israel Isaac Herzog

Open letter


Andrzej Duda

Prezydent Rzeczypospolitej Polskie

Kancelaria Prezydenta Rzeczypospolitej Polskiej

By Email:


Dear Poland President


The Zionists declared war on the Polish people.



A few days ago, it was announced in Israel that the law proposal at the Polish parliament to prevent payment and compensation and return “Jewish” property to Holocaust Jewish survivors and their descendants had been moved on a second call. As a result, a Knesset conference was convened in Israel to find ways to force the Polish nation to pay compensation. Since money is known to be the essential thing for Zionists (Jews), I am writing today to the Polish People.

In this article, I will explain to the Polish people why you are not allowed/need to pay even one Zloty or euro to the State of Israel. For the avoidance of doubt, I say that just like the pension and compensation payments that the Germans have been paying for decades to Israel, the vast majority of that money does not reach its destination and is stolen by the greedy officials of the Zionist State of Israel. Thus, it is likely that every penny that the Polish people will pay will reach a destination different from the original goal presented by the State of Israel, and therefore (but not only), I believe for that reason this is not moral to pay the Israeli government because by doing so you became a sinner to your Polish nation.

My name is Kapach Yehonatan (52), a former Israeli citizen. A prisoner (political) in Zion for 20 years because of many hate crimes in the Zionist regime. Among my other activities, I am a human rights activist. I founded a recognized organization at the UN (NGO) that works to observe human rights in Israel. I am also a journalist dealing with human rights and the owner of the only website in the world that publishes the crimes committed in Israel while ignoring providing gag orders by the Zionist Judges. Against this background, I was persecuted by the Zionist regime but primarily by corrupted Judges.

I owe my physical freedom to my elderly parents, who, after 20 years in prison in Zion, they paid the ransom to court so I could return to live as a free person. Immediately after paying the ransom, I left Israel (March 2020). While my clothes were on my body and the rest of my money ($800), I purchased a flight ticket to the US to continue my war against Zionists, the enemies of mine, enemies of Judaism and whole humanity. All I allegation, I say this with full responsibility, sadness, and sorrow.

It is clear to me that for my activities and allegations, I will no longer be able to see and visit my family because if I return to the State of Israel, even as a tourist, I will never see daylight again.

As an Israeli citizen who served in the army full military service and who served the State of Israel even beyond the borders of the Zionist state, I was surprised to find that Israel was controlled by secret Zionist organizations that had worked in darkness for many years with other organizations around the world (deep state).

In the process of my waking call, I set up several organizations with the aim of exposing the crimes of the Zionist regime. After 20 years of struggle, I realized that to continue the battle and expose their crimes, I could only do so if I was a free man and far from the Zionist beast’s dirty hands.

What is the difference between a Jew and a Zionist? And what is the Zionist state?

Many Israeli citizens today cannot understand my claims that the Zionist and the Jew are two different sects, but this is the reality, and history already proves it. None of Israel’s citizens ever paused to think why the Jews who for thousands of years had called themselves Jews suddenly decided to change their name to Zionist? This is because of two main reasons. The Zionist movement is a secular movement of various “Jewish” Reform, Protestantism, and many more, while the Jews are only “Orthodox.” The Jews were waiting for the Messiah, “Ben David,” to come and redeem them from exile, while the Messiah of the Zionists was the Rothschild secular family and the money who bought them the State of Israel. The Jews and the Zionists are two foreign movements with a gaping chasm.

On the other hand, the word Zionist sounds reminiscent of the word Nazi, and the rest of my article will only prove that this connection is not unfounded.

Many words have been spilled about Jewish greediness, and it took me a long time to get to know its roots. If I were asked today, are the Jews greedy? Is money the most important thing for the Jews? I was probably to answer you that, as a rule, Jews do not sanctify money, so for Jews, the contribution is a prominent feature value. But on the other hand, the Zionists believed money is the highest value, which is why the Rothschild family was always the head of the Zionist movement. Somehow all over the world, rich people get a lot of attention even if their action is wrong. This is because they have a lot of money, and many people admire those who have fortune. This is wrong, but I am not trying to fix this broken world.

The State of Israel is a Protestant Reform Zionist state. There is no doubt that the State of Israel has an infinite pig appetite for others’ money, especially for easy money. Mostly they like the money of others, and they usually take it by force while never getting sick by any means or tricks. You (the Polish nation) will feel this strong arm and slippery tongue of the Zionist entity in light of your refusal to pay them money, and this is my warning call for you.

I can prove my claim and support it with evidence statistics from of Israeli Ministry of “Justice.” Take, for example, the number of open cases in the Enforcement and Collection Authority of the State of Israel. According to the government report on the Execution System, there are 2,223,016 available cases as of the end of 2019.

In other words, one of three Israeli adults has an open case for money debt. I believe that this statement leads to get two determinations. A particularly embarrassing fact is that in the state of Israel, we are willing to kill each other to collect money from a debt. Add to this the fact that cases are running on for 20 and 30 years; you will find out the natural face of the average “Israeli” greediness is revealed in all ugliness.

As far as I know, there is no country in the Western world where financial debt will drag a person into infinite poverty for life. Unfortunately, this evil exists uniquely only in the Zionist state of Israel.

First, as I will try to explain, there is no such thing as a classic Israeli/Zionist/Jew since there are huge differences between one another. Even within the communities and tribes themselves, there are huge gaps. I will sum up the issue by saying that I believe the Zionists are no less racist than any other world.

Today, many citizens understand that we are no longer one nation in the State of Israel. It can be said that Israel is divided and torn between several cults who hate each other. For example, the Israeli left cooperating with the enemies of the State of Israel and, for the past hundred years, even murdered other Zionist and Jews in the fight over who controls the country.

So, who are the Israeli Zionist people? It is a mosaic of “Jews” worldwide and the human spectrum. It is written in the Bible about the Jews in the book of Esther, chapter three, verse eight, “Haman said to King Achashverosh, “There is one nation scattered and dispersed among the nations throughout the provinces of your kingdom, whose laws are unlike those of any other nation and who do not obey the laws of the King. It is not in the King’s interest to tolerate them” In simple words, the Jews are a collection of “people” scattered all over the world who do what is on their minds. As far as Zionists are concerned, they are loyal to no one but themselves and their benefit.

I must point out that the most obvious example of understanding who the Zionist people are can be illustrated by looking at the Knesset of Israel, which is the parliament of the Zionist state in which more than 13 different parties divided over 4.4 million voters serve. In practice, the number of parties in Israel since its inception about 73 years ago is no less than 154 registered parties (in the last election, no less than 37 different parties competed for 6.5 million potential voters).

I will mention that the 18th government had to serve in Israel, but due to the rift between Zionist society, only in the last two years have been four election rounds! So now is the 24th Knesset in charge!

Believe it or not, the largest party in Israel is the “party” of those who have lost confidence in the State of Israel and deliberately do not vote. Those have the most significant number of “voters,” 2.1 million men and women Israeli citizens (33% of the electorate).

Although the State of Israel was established as a home for the Jewish nation, in reality, it is far from that. In practice, the Zionist movement was not a movement of Jews who believed in God but instead of those who took the opportunity on their way to find a place where they would be the rulers and not the ruled. It is a secular/reform movement of people identifying themselves as belonging to Judaism and only for one purpose: establishing their state to commit their crimes unhindered.

It is sad to admit that the one who first suspected this was the German leader Adolf Hitler who wrote about it in his book Maine Kampf. Hitler argued that the role of the Zionist state was to be a refuge for crooks and thieves. Is that the way things are? I’m already telling you, yes, but be patient and let’s check some claims.

Adolf Hitler turned out his support to the Zionists “before he went mad, and killed six million.” He even had a pro-Zionist clause in his election journey, in the 1932 election, according to Ken Livingstone (London’s first elected mayor).

A Jewish-American historian by the name of Lenny Brenner proved that the Zionists collaborated with murderous dictators regime from their births, including Hitler, probably Mussolini, and please remember Benjamin Ze’ev Herzl’s (the father of modern political Zionism and the Zionism movement) flirtation with Sultan Abdul-Hamid, the initiator of the first great massacre of the Armenians.

Nazi Germany made deals with the Zionist Organization to force non-Zionist Jews to accept Zionism and encourage Jewish immigration. So, the Zionists not only did not close their eyes to the elimination of these non-Zionist Jews, they were the ones who pushed for the establishment of concentration camps where anti-Zionist Jews who chose to stay in Europe were concentrated and were under the command of the “Zundkommando” who were members of the Zionist movement! The Zionist movement ran the concentration camps to punish and eliminate the anti-Zionist Jews, and so they did.

Of course, this story is not told in Israeli history classes; if you ask the average Zionist after all the false brainwashing they have gone through since their birthday, they might think you lost your mind. Today, at least half of the Israeli population calls themself Zionists instead of Jews without understanding for a moment what is the meaning of Zionism (brainwashing).

In exchange for Zionist assistance to the Nazi party, the Zionists received a partial transfer of Jewish property from Germany to Mandatory Palestine by purchasing German goods and strengthening the German economy.

To assist the Nazis in the extermination of the anti-Zionist Jews, Zionist Zonderkommando police functioned in the camps. They supervised the work of extermination to encourage other non-Zionist Jews to convert to Zionism and immigrate to Israel. So great was the immense hatred between the Reform Zionists and the Orthodox Jews even until those days.

The Nazis supported the theory of eugenics, and so did the Zionists. Eugenic characteristics and practices can be found from the beginning of the Zionist settlement in Mandatory Palestine and the first decades after establishing the State of Israel. Today the Eugenie Zionist Hygienic Project is still alive and breathing and carrying out secret experiments. An example of this is the recent enactment of a law in Israel that allows medical experiments to be performed on people in Israel without their knowledge (same as the Nazis did with DR Mengele). A corona vaccine is currently being tested on Israeli citizens, and refusing to participate in this test is not a viable option. The experiment’s end date is in the year 2023!

The only country in the world where racism is entirely legal is surprisingly the Zionist state that supports both eugenics and radical feminism agendas, which are both pure racism.

To know what Hitler thought about the Zionists, one must read his book to understand that he was disgusted by them when he encountered them or their opinions in Vienna in the early 20th century. From his view, the Zionist state they envisioned was intended only to grant sovereignty to their multi-continental conspiracy. It is not a state of interest to them but a territorial base where all Zionist criminals, swindlers, and thieves can hide from the world law. Unfortunately, history has taught us that Hitler was right.

As I argued above, there is no doubt that the signs that stood before Hitler about 80 years ago exist today with little difference; the Zionist shame from the world has gone. The Zionists commit crimes daily against the whole residents of the state, especially when the classic Zionist public is blind and refuses to see the truth in daylight. All the media controlled by the regime cooperate and help cover the crimes. But it is unfortunate for the international community’s silence in the face of the horrors of the Zionist regime, which they are familiar with.

Not only did Hitler support establishing a “Zionist” state, but the truth is that many “lovers” supported Zionism, even before Zionism was born. In the Hungarian parliament, for example, 18 years before Herzl authored his book “The State of the Jews,” parliament member Victor Itachi called for establishing a state for Jews in Israel. Itachi even wanted the emperor in Vienna to force the Turkish to give up Palestine so that all the Jews of Hungary could be sent there. Itachi even found an ardent supporter of his ideas: Wilhelm Marr, a German nationalist campaigner, offered to finance the purchase of the land of Palestine for the Jews. Marr B.T.W was the man who coined the term “anti-Semitism.”

Please note that whenever there is talk of anti-Semitism, the Zionists have managed to attribute to it in the world consciousness only hatred of “Jews” even though the Jews are a tiny handful of the Semite people.

Surprisingly, the Jews of Central Europe, who were then amid their civic integration, were the ones who were very apprehensive about Itachi and Mar’s ideas. They did not want any other state in Palestine. Many of them thought that Zionism fulfilled the wishes of the anti-Semites and was intended only for their expulsion from beloved Europe.

There was indeed an ideological agreement between Hitler and Herzl in the sense that Herzl concluded that Jews no longer had a place in Europe and that Hitler concluded that Jews should have no place in Europe. What did Churchill say in the House of Representatives in London the day after the Nazi invasion of Russia in 1941? “If Hitler invades hell, I’ll say a few words in praise of Satan.”

The name of Joseph Stalin has always been absent from the list of murderous dictators with whom the Zionists collaborate. The scientific socialists armed the new state of Israel while the capitalist of the United States imposed an embargo on it.

Zionist crimes

Now is the time to understand that there is an outstanding obligation to make a distinction, especially today, between Zionism, Judaism, post- Zionism, and anti-Zionists since considerable confusion has arisen on this subject not only in the world but especially among Jews. This is because the Zionists are experts in implanting false consciousness. For example, Mark Zuckerberg presents himself as a Reform (Protestant) Jew who has convinced the whole world that Facebook is a social network when everyone knows that Facebook is a network for controlling public opinion that cooperates with anyone willing to pay.

In the past, most of the Jewish people who “flocked” to the State of Israel from Arab countries after its establishment did so for religious reasons because they believed that it was indeed the coming of the Messiah “son of David,” the same Jewish belief that one day we will return to our land. This was the case with my parents when the rumor reached Yemen about the Reestablishment of the State of Israel by the emissaries of the Zionist Agency (called by “mistake” Jew’s agency) began to pack their belongings and made their way according to the instruction they received from the city of Sanaa (Yemen) for about a month on foot and donkeys to the British colony city of Eden (British side of Yemen those days).

In this camp was the first sign that no one could understand yet why the State of Israel was established and for whom it was intended. It turns out that the Zionists wanted to take to Israel only the young youth (same story as the anti-Zionists in Europe, who the Zionists eliminated in cooperation with the Nazis). Zionists didn’t want to take the older adults because these were a heavy economic burden on the Zionists financially in Israel. The Yemeni Jews are known for their stubbornness caricature, and they refused to send the young kids and thus began the first revolt of Yemenite Jews who remained in the refugee camp in the Hashed camp for about a year while suffering from the disgrace of hunger, disease, and death and still refused to board just the young children. During this period of this year, 7 of my father’s brothers and sisters find their end. To Israel finally arrived, my father’s parents and his two brothers came, so, from a family of 10 brothers and sisters, three siblings survived.

From day one of the declaration, the State of Israel was in war status. The war claimed many human lives. Therefore, after about a year, the State of Israel succumbed to the dictates of the Yemenite Jews and was forced to raise all the families, but if you thought this was the end of the story, you have a huge mistake.

While boarding the plane, the Yemenis were forced to deposit all their valuables in the “belly” of the helicopter, gold, jewelry, and ancient objects of the Yemenite tribe. Jews were secretly robbed and disappeared before the landing in Israel. When they landed in Israel, they discovered they’d been stolen; they were shocked, and later on, they’ll find out all Zionist answers and excuses were nothing but lies. It is essential to say this. The Zionists robbed the Yemenis of all their assets, left them with nothingness, and were in immense poverty for many decades.

Are the Jews one nation? The first Israeli prime minister called the immigrants from Eastern European countries “human dust” because, from his point of view, they were the least of the peoples of Europe. The anti-Zionists despised all other kinds of Jews. They are considered human ashes. Many Zionists believed immigrants from Arab countries were wild animals, not human beings.

Only three years have passed since the Holocaust. The ink in which the horror stories of the Nazis were written before the State of Israel was didn’t dry yet, and the Zionists who call themselves Holocaust survivors have become Holocaust perpetrators by themselves.

Nurses, doctors, and other officials of the Zionist regime, white human traffickers, which considered themself the lords of the land, abducted and children trafficked immigrants (from Arab countries such as Yemen) unhindered, whether selling children for adoption or selling children for research experiments or as spare parts. They told the parents that their children died immediately after birth. They did not allow the family to receive or see their bodies. That way, nearly 30,000 babies disappeared in 6 years (1948~1954). Parents who suspected their children were alive and tried to “kidnap” their children back from the hospital’s baby rooms were beaten, imprisoned, and sometimes even murdered with the help of the Israeli Zionist white Police!

At a particular time over the years, three “state” commissions of inquiry were set up regarding the disappearances of Yemen children during 1948-1954, headed by “senior judges” who cooperated with the thieves responsible for these crimes and helped hide the truth. They concluded that no child trafficking was committed in the State of Israel or else.

One of the greatest fighters for exposing these crimes among Yemen immigrants was rabbi Uzi Meshulam of Yemen descent. In the end, he was arrested, jailed, and murdered in an Israeli prison. Today (2021), the State of Israel admits that there was a limited number of children abducted when they took responsibly about 100 children. They are willing to pay compensation to these families for about 40,000 euros! (No shame, it is about the price of the average new family car in Israel)

Most of the investigation files and information collected have been destroyed. The news left in the State Archives is confidential until 2070, when the last abducted children will reach the age of 120! If it was not true, this could have been a great joke. But this is the Nazi reality in which Jews today live under evil and cruel Zionist regime no less than the Nazi beast.

If we stop understanding what this is all about, we are talking about a fantastic phenomenon. In a new country founded just three years after the great massacre of World War II (known as the holocaust), which targeted the extermination of 6 million Jews (among 70 million in total), the descendants and survivors of that dark period who call themselves Zionist Jews committed the same crimes committed by the Nazis. Even baby trafficking! A particularly heinous crime did not deter them. This is the true face of the Zionist beast.

If that was not enough, the Zionists added another sin to their arsenal of crimes, a crime of deliberate and organized concealment and protection of the criminals who committed these horrific crimes with the help of the entire Government officials of Israel from day one, such as Israel Police officers, social workers, Judges, state attorney, D.O.J, General Security Service and the Mossad. From its inception until now, the criminals have been given a shell of protection and confidentiality when it does not matter which parties are ruling Zion!

The Protocols of the Elders of Zion

Gentiles have always claimed that the Jews want to take over the world, as you can see, no matter who they serve in Israeli governments for generations (the shadow governments that stand behind them in secret and control everything that happens in Israel). Their control is absolute,e, so those governments act according to the decisions of the shadow government by hiding the crimes committed in Israel from the state’s citizens. They also manage to silence the discourse on these severe crimes in the global address.

As long as these Zion’s protocols are falsified and have nothing to do with a worldwide Jewish conspiracy, in practice, it can be seen that the tiny state of Israel, with 9 million citizens (Women, Man & Kids), is the country that employs the world the most and undoubtedly manages the world and navigates the world according to its needs. Which successfully managed to deceive the whole world. The pprotocoldescriptions of the Elders of Zion fit one by one with the current methods of the state of Israel.

This is why I decided to sit down and write to you to wake up the Polish nation. The Zionist conspiracy could eventually destroy your local Polish economy. I do not doubt that the Zionists will pressure other countries under Zionist control to force the Polish nation to pay the State of Israel’s colossal capital. If you are objects of life and love your people, then you are strictly forbidden to submit to the Zionist correspondence.

Today I do not doubt that there is a connection of worldwide silence regarding the crimes committed by the State of Israel. All those who call for exposure to these crimes miraculously disappear. It might be dangerous for me, even though I decided not to be afraid of the Zionists regime anymore.

Child trafficking

If you think that exposure to child trafficking stops this kidnapping and child trafficking phenomenon in Israel, then I have bad news for you. The methods have just been improved, and now they’re allowed to collect the commission of child trafficking crimes. Today child trafficking comes with the approval and blessing of the Zionist courts on behalf of the vile claim of the child’s best interests! These crimes are protected under restraining orders, and why not use the honored excused of the child’s best interests!

This is how Zionist use the laws and regulations for child trafficking in the State of Israel were enacted. Please be noted that today in Israel, about 20,000 children are traded by official social workers on the black market, getting paid 17,000 NIS per month (a minimum payment). This blood money is spent by public tax money in the private hands of ex-social workers and friends.  If the child is not healthy, the payment is higher. This monthly government payment for an abducted child (who is forcibly evicted from his loving home) is twice the average monthly salary in Israel!

Compound interest

Another example of a significant crime in Israel is creating financial debts to citizens; once a person owes a financial debt, his chances of paying it are meager. In the State of Israel, a predatory and violent collection mechanism manages the collection by force as criminal does. By “law,” Judge charged you a compound interest rate that would not embarrass criminal organizations. This is precisely why criminal organizations have stopped pursuing debt collectors themselves and have moved to collect the debts by the violent and predatory Zionist Court of collection.

The Zionist bankers and Zionist insurance companies improved this method, so today, they report a person’s debt as a lost debit and offset the debts from the tax reports. On the other hand, they continue to collect the debt for decades against the debtors in collection court. All Judges in Israel know this crime, but no one will let you erase your debt. Thus, I understood that the claims that Jews are greedy (beyond the world average) have strong roots in this sad reality.


Men with no human rights

If that is not enough, there is a specific type of debtors in Israel who you allowed to do everything just like Nazi Germany did. These are the “child support debtors” even if they are not having any debt and paying in time. You can take action against them automatically without interfering or needing the application. To these men, you are allowed to do everything, like arrest them and be thrown in jail, which is against any international law or human rights amendments. To these men, you are allowed to take all their wadge, and you can do anything to convince them about it at the tip of the fork, just like in Nazi Germany did. Even if they remarry and have a new wife and kids, you can take their food from these young babies and deliver it to the rich X-wife. These cruel Zionists take care only of the Nazi agenda.

The Zionist Sateen has a double moral and Nazi agenda.  

The danger inherent in this Zionists Nazi plan has taken the feminist doctrine, and they are experimenting on live human beings to find how much human rights can be violated without them doing anything. This experiment will further spill over to the whole world as the Zionist state aspires to rule the entire world, and this will be the way to conquer the world more easily when there are no men who can fight back.

Since I participated in this human being experiment due to being suspected as an aspect dish male”, the Zionist “court” gave a grave thegravelight. It deprived me of all my minimum human rights for 20 years. Especially took away my following human rights, exactly as the Nazis did to Jews as follows:

  1. I was forbidden to hold a passport.
  2. I was banned from holding a driver’s license (this is not a Zionist

invention; I was also surprised).

  1. My right to leave Israel was restricted.
  2. I was defined in the banking system as having a special obligation.
  3. I was banned from using credit cards.
  4. I was defined as limited in any corporation.

And then some more

If that was not enough, since I did not have a penny left in my pocket due to the imposition of Nazi restrictions against me, so my three children and my wife (European roots in Poland /Romania/Germany) which she is sick with cancer, left for starvation with no human rights. My new family survived because my loving parents helped us by supporting and giving us donations for two decades.

An example of what your Polish money will do if you pay compensation to the State of Israel. Learn from the German experience.

The Nazis, after World War II, were forced to pay the State of Israel (for unknown reasons how the State of Israel represents all Jews, especially those who do not live in Israel) compensation payments just as these are demanded from the Polish government. You do not know, but only a tiny portion of this money goes to the victims of the Nazis. The vast majority of the money goes to the “Holocaust Survivors Rights Authority” and from there to obscure leads and fat pockets of Zionist pig’s human traffickers and other criminals in this crime kingdom/state.

Let me be clear; it is not by chance that most Jewish people do not live in Israel for apparent reasons of distrust of the Zionist state and its institutions and illegitimacy in particular. Although this fact is undeniable, the world treats the State of Israel as the official body that receives the money of Holocaust survivors, even though many do not recognize the authority and legitimacy of the State of Israel as a Jewish state.

This crime has collaboration between the Germans and the Zionists and has been silenced. There is likely a tacit agreement because the Nazis and the Zionists collaborated since WWII sharing the same values and purpose. If only the German people, who still pay for the crimes of the Nazi regime, would know that the Zionist and Nazis worked closely together, they would have stopped these blood payments.

Today we know that Zionists and Nazis have collaborated since the 30th and during World War II!

The fact that only the Jews received compensation proves that the Zionist people undoubtedly adopted the protocol of the Elders of Zion, and this protocol’s method worked with great success.

The Zionists are trying to force the Polish nation to be responsible for the murder of the Jews, but in the same breath, the State of Israel murdered Arab residents in its wars and did not pay compensation to the Arabs. If that was not enough, the Arab world that waged wars with the Zionist state also murdered Jews. None of the parties ever demanded monetary compensation, which leads me to the understanding that the Zionists are always looking for the weak link chain in the hope that they will be able to take advantage of, and since the Polish people are portrayed by their eyes as such, and therefore, they take the opportunity.

One of the claims that can serve the Polish nation is an excuse that Germany occupied Poland and that what could the Polish do against the German occupier? nothing. The Polish had no choice but to carry out the orders of the Nazi regime, all of which were given by law. It should be noted that the State of Israel pursues a completely identical policy against its citizens, a Nazi policy advocating discrimination and different classes for different citizens when it controls the State of Israel and in stark contrast to its declaration since the day of its establishment in the Declaration of Independence that the State of Israel will not discriminate.

The State of Israel occupied large areas that the U.N did not give, and the State of Israel itself never paid compensation to those from whom it robbed houses, land, money, and property and certainly did not compensate for the loss of human life.

In small states such as Israel, crimes are being committed against citizens similar to those engaged in Nazi Germany. It is just the excuse that has been changed. In Germany, the crimes were mostly committed against Jews, and in Israel, against Jewish males.  The reason is that by the holy name of child favor, it is permissible to revoke men’s liberty and dignity, confiscate all property of the Jewish father and foreclose men’s actual wages. By doing these crimes, they persuade men in practice that they have nothing to do but commit suicide.

The State of Israel is conducting a propaganda campaign against all the males of the State. All men are suspected of being rapists, murderers, and violent by the global plan for the new world order to which Israel is committed. Do not forget that in Nazi Germany, every Jew was considered a potential rapist of German girls. So, the Nazi method was only exported to the Zionist State of Israel by dip state people holding the same race Agendas.

There is no doubt that the State of Israel is a continuation of the path of the Nazi movement, which (after a “loss” in World War II) changed its agenda name from the race to gender, but there is no difference between these two agendas. The first was directed against Jews, gypsies, and non-Aryans. At the same time, feminist racism tries to impose female terror on the males of the whole world and bring the males to the status of second-class citizens and much worse.

It is no secret that the State of Israel is the leading state in radical feminist laws (more than New York and California). Know that closing your eyes and cooperating with the Zionist state could lead your people to another Holocaust. Do not forget that 6 million Polish citizens were murdered during this period because of the Zionist actions (financing wars for profits, making debts unlimited, as I describe all over Europe) that led the Germans to such intense hatred of all Jews. It may be considered that the Polish people will file a claim for compensation from the Zionist state and the Jewish people.

Please note that the Zionist State of Israel operates courts that persecute Jews in most countries to enforce Zionist law. In doing so, the State of Israel violates the sovereignty of each country in the world. Most countries are silent and close their eyes in the face of the blatant violation of their power for the mere hatred of Jews and indifference to the fate of the next Jews at their gates. This is proof that this Elders Zion protocol is authentic to the Zionist rule of the world. A claim that the Zionists are struggling to hide, but with each passing day, I was a Jew, and I believe there is much truth in this claim. The very existence of rabbinical courts on behalf of the Zionist regime outside the borders of the State of Israel should keep you all awake and beware.

The Central Federal Court of California gives you the main defense arguments.

After all, my property was looted for 20 years by Zionist criminal Judges. After I left the State of Israel, I came to the US, where I filed a lawsuit against my Ex-employer Intel (one of the 500 most prominent companies in the USA), because they cooperated with the Zionist regime by helping to enforce me for Judge criminal decisions, which are similar to the Nazi Court decisions. According to the Israeli court’s directive (and a little more) to confiscate my all wage without leaving me even a single euro for living or my family’s living. For this reason, I filed a lawsuit against Intel and attached nine Zionist criminal judges responsible for these crimes as defendants. These crimes can be prosecuted in the International Criminal Court in Hague and the United States.

The U.S. Federal Court in California probably refused to hear my claim on three silly and embarrassing arguments for political reasons.

  1. The fact that I worked for Intel and was not get paid a salary is not

necessarily slavery!


  1. This American company, Intel, only followed the orders of the

Israeli court.


  1. Israeli judges have immunity from prosecution in America.

None of these Judge decisions are correct. This judge mockery the law while taking advantage of his status as a judge. His “Judgment” is an example of a California racist court that is probably working behind the scenes with the Zionist and the feminist state of Israel today. California has always been a racist white state that defined itself years ago as a state of “freedom.” A form of freedom in the sense of humor that it was free from blacks!

Imagine how I felt when an American judge who understands what slavery is about and knows that an enslaved person in America was given a roof, food, and drinks for him and his family had no shame to claim that my slavery which I received nothing, is not slavery!? How corrupted can this judge be?

Moreover, this Judge approved the defended claim that we only carried out orders that did not stand up to the Nazis and their collaborators. Then and even today, a racist white American court refuses to recognize crimes committed against me due to covert US State Department cooperation with racist Zionism and ignoring the law and moral code in both States and UN global amendments.

Since this claim stands for the racist American company such as Intel, the Polish people must adopt this law decision and use the exact law claim against the State of Israel. We just followed orders if you want compensation to go to the Germans. Germany ruled Poland then, and you, the Polish nation, just carried out orders. Please let the Germans pay compensation now to both of us, those who were harmed by the Nazi crimes.

Last but not least. American judges who commit crimes have no immunity by American law. Many American judges who disobeyed were punished and even sent by honor to serve prison time. It is clear that Israeli judges have no immunity in America and certainly not while committing crimes defined as slavery, human trafficking, war, crimes against humanity, etc.

All of the above are international crimes, with all states committed to fighting against

I do not doubt that the Zionists have already demanded compensation from the Germans for all the damage caused by the Nazi regime and what happened in Poland. Now, with this demand for payment, I do not doubt that it is an ugly claim based on double compensation from the Polish nation.

Imprisonment of citizens of foreign countries for financial debt

The Zionist State of Israel sends imprisonment citizens of foreign countries, whether with Israeli citizenship or without Israeli citizenship, whether they are Jews or not. People who come to Israel as tourists should be aware there is a chance to find they could fall into ffallclaim which fabricated financial obligations created on behalf own name. This act was caused by Israeli courts that tried foreign citizens without their presence or knowledge and in the absence of authority.

Although tourists who are not citizens of the State of Israel are not subject to Israeli law, the State of Israel collects the virtual debt; the State of Israel forces the foreign citizen to accept Israeli law when refusal is impossible. Therefore the tourist is detained in Israel and cannot leave Israel until they pay.

For example, see what a weak and forgiving standing the US presents to the State of Israel. At the same time, for years, they have known that Israel violates international and American law and harms US citizens, and in fact, the US does nothing. They just published a general travel warning on the American Internet site as a travel warning.

“Court Jurisdiction: Civil and religious courts in Israel actively exercise their authority to bar certain individuals, including nonresidents, from leaving the country until debts or other legal claims against them are resolved. Israel’s religious courts exercise jurisdiction over all citizens and residents of Israel in cases of marriage, divorce, child custody, and child support. U.S. citizens, including those without Israeli citizenship, should be aware that they may be subject to involuntary and prolonged stays (and even imprisonment) in Israel if a case is filed against them in a religious court, even if their marriage took place in the United States, and regardless of whether their spouse is present in Israel.”


Transport Minister Meirav Michaeli Kasztner

Meirav Michaeli (Kasztner) is a member of parliament from the Zionist extreme left party who advocates hatred of men. Michaeli worked many years around the world to advance the radical feminist agenda. Michaeli is also working to abolish the entire marriage institution worldwide. According to her plan, children are not supposed to live inside their families with their parents but under the auspices and supervision of the state. This dangerous woman moves around the world and spreads her poison caring on behalf of the State of Israel as a member of the Zionist parliament and behalf of the most feminist and radical Zionist organizations worldwide, and preaches her dangerous poisoned doctrine. If we do not wake up in time, the entire world may be in a perishing Holocaust.

Michaeli is the granddaughter of Dr. Israel Rezse Kasztner. She collaborated with the Nazi regime in World War II and was responsible for the murder of most Hungarian Jews (about 700,000 Jews). I would not be surprised if he were also responsible for the murder of the Hungarian Gentiles who aided the Jews. Like her grandfather, she also sold her soul to the devil. Her ambition is to eliminate the natural family by elremovinghe the males, separating the parents from their children, and turning all the children into the state’s children. All of these methods are initially Nazi race Agendas.

Dr. Israel Rezse Kasztner also was the representative of the Zionist agency and the Zionist movement of the “Mapai” party and worked under the orders of the Palestine Zionists. Be sure that all he has done, he does by order from Palestine Zionists. This action causes the death of 700,000 Hungarian Jews. This way, you can understand the double standard of Zionism.

Adolf Eichmann (a former senior Nazi who fled to Argentina), after a World War II interview with a Dutch journalist named Willem Sassen, “said about . Dr. Israel Kasztner, “he did an excellent job. He gave me all the Jews without a single shot. He could have been a Gestapo officer. Ideally, he is cold as ice and agreed to help persuade Jews not to oppose their deportation and even to maintain order in the concentration camps on the condition that I close my eyes and allow several hundred and possibly thousands of Jews to immigrate to Palestine. It was a good deal; we relied on each other”.

Zionist high-tech

The State of Israel has always maintained extensive trade relations “thanks” to its arms industries. It is no secret that the State of Israel sells weapons to anyone interested and thus actively participates in supporting the crimes and criminals of dictatorial regimes. But it turns out that the most dangerous gun manufactured in the State of Israel is currently offered for sale worldwide under the guise of security cameras to detect security “problems.” In practice, the same “security” cameras could use “democratic” countries to monitor the entire population. That way, we will all be under constant surveillance. We received an example of that technology in Israel during this period of the “Covid epidemic,” which in the State of Israel, the General Security Service monitors all citizens by the law of the country ostensibly in the name of public health when it is clear to everyone now that the Covid epidemic is nothing but the seasonal flu.

Unlike all Jews of the world, I am a handful of Jews who have settled down to read the Protocols of the Elders of Zion, and I do not doubt that at least some of the protocols are very accurate. Even if it has been proven that Jews did not initially write them as part of a conspiracy to rule the world, there is no doubt that they correspond to the conduct I have known about the flesh of the anti-Jewish evil Zionist regime that has ruled Israel since I was born.

I often asked/demanded the State of Israel revoke my Israeli citizenship. I sent thousands of Emails to Government officials and Parliament members, and I published my request on my website. My request has been ignored. The State of Israel does not allow me and the citizens who seek to have their citizenship revoked because they hope that Jews who work to expose the face of Zionism as a racist movement will one day fall into the global spider net they have been weaving for years, and we fall into their Nazi hands.

This behavior is classic criminal behavior. It is impossible for a person demanding the revocation of his citizenship to remain bound by citizenship to the same country that tried to take his life and the lives of his family and friends of the cause.

This is the essence of Zionist dual morality. This way, I call on the Prime Minister of Poland and the Polish nation not to agree to pay the State of Israel even a single euro (or zloty) since the State of Israel is merely trying to deceive the Polish nation by claiming responsibility for the crimes committed by both Nazis and Zionists together, as they deceive the whole world for more than 100 years of Zionism.

To conclude, my name is Yehonatan Kapach, X prisoner of Zion; I have been a prisoner of Zion for 20 years, and I am ready to testify and Swear that all I say is the Truth, the Whole Truth, and Nothing but the Truth, so help me God. This is to confront anyone who claims otherwise on every possible stage. The State of Israel refuses to answer my allegation at U.S.A court, as I declare in this letter in an open hearing in a neutral and external legal tribunal, because they know that all my claims are valid. Please do not pay the Zionist entity. Do not sin against your Polish people.

Sincerely Yours,

He didn’t answer because he was committed to the new world “order.”


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