Meirav Michaeli, the granddaughter of the one who sold his soul to the devil, is threatening the children of the whole world

Meirav Michaeli Israeli parliament member, want to take the kids from their parents; this damage 6 million Jews will not be able to fix

One Israeli parliament member Meirav Michaeli’s damage to 6 million firefighters will not be saved. Michaeli wants a new world order in which your children will be the children of the country, but Michaeli is not only satisfied with the children of Israel but wants to harm the children of the whole world.

From a video rolled out to me by YouTube, I found that Michaeli travels the world and sells her race theory on a wide range of topics related to “human rights” and “individual freedoms.” The average Israeli will be surprised to hear that this persona was chosen to represent the State of Israel or the Zionist movement on human rights and individual freedoms. Michaeli from the extreme Israeli left party. Michaeli, a senior member of the radical feminist movement in Israel, has regretted its hatred of men and advocates the superiority of women. The feminist movement in Israel is not fighting for equal rights but for the continued enactment of laws to grant privileges and benefits to women and girls over Israeli men and boys in style reminiscent of the equality of Germany from the previous century in which equality only belonged, to Aryans.


At a conference held in Australia (and currently on YouTube and attached to this article) on Consequences, Citizenship and Climate, she participated as an official representative of the Zionist movement of Israel. Michaeli argued that the traditional family (father, mother, and children) is dangerous. Not only in Australia but in the whole Western world and even worse in more conventional societies (when she pointed at the three religions Christian, Muslim and Jewish!)

For years, Michaeli has been disseminating false data and imaginary studies as real scientific studies, so she claims that one of five children in traditional families undergoes sexual/physical/mental abuse. If that is not enough, Michaeli makes another delusional claim that the man is the boss in the conventional family who has complete control over his wife and children. A man is a kind of dangerous dictator. According to Michaeli, the man is the one responsible for the pain of his children. Michaeli, therefore, suggests that the parental rights of all families should be revoked and dismantled. The blood libels of modern-day radical feminists against the males of the whole world can easily be compared to the blood libels of the last century of the German Aryans against the Jews, gypsies, and more. The Nazis have done studies very similar to feminist studies.

Michaeli advocates any family combination that is men less by the feminist tradition practiced in Israel. Michaeli is willing to recognize any family except traditional and same-sex families where there is a parent of one or more males.

Michaeli proposes to dismantle the traditional family and the entire institution of marriage in general. In Michaeli’s view, the institution of marriage according to the religious and standard definition (mainly of the three religions) should be replaced by two alternatives through two agreements. First, the new child custody will be for more than two parents who do not necessarily have to be the biological parents of the children but one or more persons appointed by the state as responsible for the child. According to Michaeli’s, the child should be given broad freedom (for example, to decide whether he is male or female or any other combination) to determine who he is or who he is not (so she says) and not to allow parents to educate children according to their religion and belief or desire.  What do you think will happen if those in charge of the child on the part of the state are not satisfied with the “functioning” of the parents? I think the answer is pretty straightforward. The state will send the children to shelters (orphanages, foster homes, etc.)

Another lecture by Michaeli calling for the dissolution of the institution of marriage


One of the participants interrupted this hallucinatory monologue who asked Michaeli, what do you mean when you say that the state will decide (who will be in charge of the children)? Michaeli hesitated and answered that we gather together in a democracy; we will all decide who a good parent is !. Israelis know Michaeli well and her dangerous purpose and ideas. We know that she does not intend to allow each of us to decide. Still, to the elite of the holy of the people chosen according to this plan of Michaeli and alike, those will determine what is good for us, as was customary in the dark age.

The state should legislate for Michaeli’s idea to change and default a “joint household.” Couples will not be able to manage separate bank accounts. For example, since these become an issue, that is the basis of divorce disputes. Therefore the common presumption should be set as default. Michaeli aims to transfer wealth from men to women by default, even if they choose not to institutionalize the relationship and live together without defining a relationship. Currently, the courts violate prenup agreements in Israel when the woman has reached a poor to the relationship. When the woman has the means, she is left with a fortune in her hand, and the financial agreement is respectable.

Who is Meirav Michaeli?

Michaeli, 56, single, trying to convince herself and anyone willing to listen that she is acting on behalf of our children’s human rights. But in practice, it is essential to remember that Michaeli is a wolf in a lamb’s body, striving to take from us our children and the responsibility for raising our child and handing it over to the state. But Michaeli has slightly more far-reaching plans. Michaeli is plotting to impose her program on the whole world’s children.

I will not be surprised if the Jewish people are again persecuted due to Michaeli’s actions and plans. I do not doubt that new blood libels in the good old style of the Protocols of the Elders of Zion are around the corner and will soon return to the forefront of world blood libel editions. New headlines across the Internet will announce that Jews once again want to take over the world due to the dangerous attempts of Michaeli and her ideology friends to rule the world and spread their dangerous doctrine by calling for the denial of parental rights from all the world.

Please make no mistake; Michaeli is not a Democrat and not in favor of equality but wants the world to be run according to her desires and whims. Michaeli has no God, she is not religious and does not believe in one God, and any connection between Michaeli and Judaism is not clear at all. Everyone has the right to live their lives as they wish, but Michaeli declared war on the children of the world. These claims we are not suitable for raising our children might be the beginning of the new holocaust.

We will tell you more about Michaeli. She has no problem claiming over years that she opposes trafficking in women’s bodies or resists the institutionalization of prostitution. Still, she allows herself to do prostitution by showing her breasts proudly in primetime on Israeli television.

Meirav Michaeli sexually harasses an entire nation on live TV

It is clearly stated that those who expose their breasts in public are only looking for a “sacred reason” to tell them in the name of “holy value.”

Michaeli could have found herself one day working as a stripper and claiming she was doing so in the name of “holy values.” It will be clarified that Michaeli dared to show her breasts and sexually harass the audience since she is a woman in Israel. This fact contributes to her failure to be prosecuted as is customary in feminist Israel according to the principles of dual morality. A male reporter who dared to roll up his pants on the broadcast and display his underwear would have received a dismissal letter.

Cover of one of the editions of the book “The Protocols of the Elders of Zion.”

Michaeli wants to impose her “values” on all the world inhabitants and force us all to live by her rules. Sound familiar? It connects very well with the antisemitic claims of the Protocols of the Elders of Zion. And when I say Elders of Zion, I mean in this case the aging Michaeli, a representative of the Zionist movement who is trying to prove to the world that her ambition is to control her desires \to transfer the children to state control and not be left in the hands of their dangerous parents and not only for Israelis but all over the world.

This madness could lead the Jewish people to an abyss and a new Holocaust due to the justified rage of the world’s nations when the day comes when they realize that the older woman of Zion disguised as a Jew, Meirav Michaeli tried to steal their right over their children.

What are the protocols of the Elders of Zion?


Well who is Meirav Michaeli? As mentioned, Michaeli is a member of the Israeli parliament who was born and raised in Israel and is the granddaughter of RUDOLF (REZSŐ) KASZTNER, who sold his soul to the devil and sent hundreds of thousands of Jews to their deaths in a satanic economic deal between Zionist leaders and the Nazis regime in 1942. Michaeli, the granddaughter, is no less dangerous than her grandfather. This woman has all the genetic load needed for hatred and evil in sufficient quantity to bring the world to an end or at least to rekindle the blood libel that the Jews are trying to take over the world.

Michaeli holds a double standard in which she preaches her venomous doctrine to anyone, willing to listen with lip candy. On the other hand, she allows herself to do as much as she pleases.

According to Michaeli’s plan, the man’s role comes down to financing the woman while keeping her away from her and her children. This is how she lives in a long-term relationship when she refuses to live with a man under one roof. Michaeli and her partner Lior Schlein live in separate apartments. One above the other in the same apartment building, as she believes a man should be removed from his partner by default.

Mrs. Michaeli preached that women should not be exploited for surrogacy for years. Still, later when she was worn out, and her partner wanted to leave so that he could have children because she was not interested, she traded with the body of an American surrogate and bought herself a child in the United States. A representative sample of Israeli radical feminist culture.

Congratulations to Meirav Michaeli on the occasion of buying the first child

Link to an article about Schleien and Michaeli’s new toy, the reason for the mysterious flight to the United States

Although this woman identifies herself as a Jew and works around the world with the kind assistance of the State of Israel and sells her diabolical doctrine centered on male hatred and the disintegration of the traditional family according to the plan devised by radical feminist organizations in their doctrine known as gender.

For your convenience, the full video of the conference is attached


For those of you sons who do not know, Michaeli has been an Israeli parliament member since 2013. Michaeli has a plan to create “equality in Israel between men and women” even though in Israel, women have privileges. The strange way she does this justifies a comprehensive psychiatric examination of Michaeli. For example, equality in the eye is discrimination against males through legislation. Notice how the Knesset website portrays Michaeli in a false representation as a human rights fighter.

On the other hand, when you enter Wikipedia and check who Michaeli is, a clear picture emerges of a woman who advocates explicit and discriminatory legislation against women and Judaism. Thus, for example, she voted in favor of not imprisoning debtors in execution while excluding divorced men. Michaeli even supported legislation that attributes rape only if it concerns male suspects. Michaeli also supported the law for providing free legal services and state assistance to women victims of rape (women in Israel are allowed to rape by law). Michaeli also supported a law that women could retire earlier than men. Michaeli also worked to financially harm women working in the sex industry and block them from having the opportunity to earn a living of their choice.


For your convenience, the portfolios of the Elders of Zion

protocols of elderly of Zion – EN

This woman is proof that some of the Nazis chose to find refuge and hide within the State of Israel is probably correct. After all, grandfatherly deeds are a sign to grandchildren.

For your convenience, I have attached the information attached to the video regarding the identity of the participants in the Australian conference in 2017.

On the panel: Zed Seselja, Assistant Minister for Social Services and Multicultural Affairs; Mark Dreyfus, Shadow Attorney-General; Lucy Gichuhi, Independent Senator for South Australia; A.C. Grayling, Philosopher; and Merav Michaeli, Chair of the Zionist Party, Israel. The panel discussed: Same-sex marriage, citizenship tests, Climate change, and philosophy. For more from Q&A, click here: Follow us on Twitter: Like us on Facebook: Subscribe to us on YouTube: Q&A is a television discussion program that focuses primarily on politics but ranges across all of the significant issues that set Australians thinking, talking and debating. It is driven by interaction: Q&A provides a rare opportunity for Australian citizens to directly question and hold to account politicians and key opinion leaders in a national public forum, and Q&A has broadcast live so that not only the studio audience but also the broader audience can get involved. We aim to create a constructive discussion that reflects a diverse range of views and provides a safe environment where people can respectfully discuss their differences. It’s impossible to represent every view on a single panel or in one audience, but we’re committed to giving participants a fair go. To be as inclusive and diverse as possible, the program is presented from various locations around the country. All Australians are encouraged to get involved through social media and join the audience. This is an official Australian Broadcasting Corporation YouTube channel.

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