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The number of cases of anti-Semitism in the whole world a year does not reach a percentage of the number of cases of anti-Semitism in Zion. We are here to show you the cases. Those Pictures remind us of the old Germany.

The evil girl in the picture holding a Nazi-style sign calling for the extermination of  Jews male by gas. Since this is an Israeli anti-Jewish feminist activity, she was not arrested or questioned and is in fact considered a cultural hero. Reminds you of Nazi Germany so it’s really not a coincidence. Complaints filed against her to Facebook where she posted the photos have not been deleted from the network and she does not violate Facebook’s community rules since she calls for the murder of men. This value is a value that Facebook promotes all over the world while paving the way for the supremacy of women as the supreme race.

The Holocaust was caused not only because of Hitler but because many civil servants were the same people who obeyed orders in blind obedience and preferred to deceive themselves because they were acting according to the law. They chose to continue to receive their salaries and take care of their economic future and did not bother to think of those they helped the Nazis destroy, kill and lose. This is precisely what the Zionists regime and their collaborators, the workers of the accursed state of Israel, do. Hill Hitler

Hitler won WWII, and now his Agenda IS ruling Isra-hell.

2-7-2021 Just because he is a Jews didn't wear a musk. The Zionazi media hide the face of the police victim. No face - No feelings.

2.7.2022 Jew's Victim of police brutality because he didn't wear a mask.

Then he was arrested for assault on a police officer.


An antisemitic cartoon by the Zionazi artist.

Zionist cops dragging Jew in the street of Jerusalem

Lili Ben Ami, Zionist women training dogs to attack Men's

Or Spitz, called for the killing of "violent" Jewish men and terrorists

A Zionist policeman forcibly arresting a Jew

A Zionist policeman strangling a Jewish boy on his way to detention

A young Jew is taken into custody after being beaten by Zionist policemen

A Zionist police officer handcuffing a detained Jew

Zionist police officers arrest a Jew walking down the street without a mask

A Zionist police officers strangling a Jewish detainee

Zionist police officers arrest and beat an autistic Jewish

Zionist police officers beat an elderly Jew

Police officers beating Jews in Jerusalem

Police officers beating Jews throughout Jerusalem

Police officers strangulate and beat Jew with hatred

Cops beating a Jews

Zionist Cops hitting Jewish demonstrators in Brutal

Zionist police officers beating a group of Jews

Zionist Police officers arrested a Jewish boy by force

Zionist Police officers arrest a Jew who went to pray

Jew protester was beaten and dragged by Zionist police officers

Zionist police officers hide behind fellow police officers and beat a Jew mercilessly

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