The Israeli Family Court Judges Day Will Come And They Will Be Judged And Pay The Price For Their Crimes

The Israeli Family Court Judges Day Will Come And They Will Be Judged And Pay The Price For Their Crimes


The day in which judges of the State of Israel Court will stand trial at the International Court of Justice for the hate crimes they commit in Israel will come. Do not lose hope.

We have not lost hope yet. New winds have begun to blow in the world and they will bring along with them the cure for the feminist malignant disease.


World history is laden with cases of individuals or groups or countries and kingdoms that thought they could do what they wanted to and without paying the price for their crimes. History has repeatedly shown that whoever is up today tomorrow can find himself down. If we look back it happened recently.


Saddam Hussein was a member of the Ba’ath party and was a key figure in the 1968 coup in Iraq, which led his party to rule powerfully for many years. Saddam’s administration led, among other things, to the Iran-Iraq war between 1980 and 1988 and the Gulf War in 1991. His tenure as president of Iraq was characterized by the authoritarian and forceful rule that suppressed human rights, suppressed and denied rights from ethnic groups and religious sectors that threatened the regime, autonomy or independence, while he lived a life of luxury and splendor in various palaces which he built with state funds throughout Iraq.


Hussein advocated secular pan-Arabism, economic development, and socialism. In many Arab countries, Hussein is considered a hero due to his negative attitude towards the United States and Israel. Among Western countries and in the international community, he felt hostility and distrust, following his actions in the Gulf War. Saddam was ousted by the United States and its allies during the Iraq war and was prosecuted for committing crimes against humanity before a special Iraqi tribunal set up by the Iraqi Interim Government. In November 2006, he was sentenced to death by hanging, and the sentence was carried out on December 30, 2006, by a Shiite executioner, in presence of several witnesses from the Iraqi government and a Muslim cleric.


Gaddafi was assassinated by rebel forces in power
Gaddafi was assassinated by rebel forces in power


Muammar al-Gaddafi was Libya’s dictatorial ruler. Since seizing power in a military coup in September 1969 to the Libyan uprising during which most of the country’s forces occupied the National Transitional Council with the help of a multinational coalition of NATO armies, the United Arab Emirates, the United Arab Emirates, Sweden, Tunisia, and Niger. Libya, under Gaddafi’s rule, has opened terrorist bases in its territory and sponsored Arab terrorist organizations around the world. Gaddafi was assassinated by rebel forces on October 20, 2011, in his hometown of Sirte.



Osama bin Laden Eliminated by the USA


Osama bin Laden was an Arab-Muslim terrorist of Saudi descent who founded and led the al-Qaeda terrorist organization and was responsible for a series of terrorist attacks around the world in which thousands of people were killed, including the 9/11 attacks. From 1999 he was at the top of the list of the ten most wanted fugitives by the FBI, and was considered the most dangerous and wanted terrorist in the world until he was killed in Operation Neptune Spear by the US commando unit “Sea Lions” in 2011.


To sum up: the bad people who run the world do not do it alone. Being alone is impossible. They have people who in exchange for a salary and an economic future would be willing to hurt every one of us. For a salary, they sell their souls to the devil. As is the custom of the world these people are eliminated along with the leaders with whom they collaborated, they are the first to fall in battle for the evil leader and with his death, those who remain are executed and pay the price for their crimes.


The world is unfortunately full of bad people and those who crave power and strength and to maintain their kingship they must alloy our sons. For them to do evil after them is a hobby that in the end, they get an orgasm from each of us who suffers. Nevertheless what’s bad ends up in the end, even the deadly feminist disease of recent decades is coming to a natural end. The world is waking up. The world is on the way to extracting the feminist doctrine that today raises many’s thoughts of despair and disgust. The world is starting to wake up, this is the gospel we want you to concentrate on. These are the developers of the theory of hatred, their assistants, and those who come on their behalf. We will come to judge them.


The B’Tselem court was not born in one day either, and it also stood desolate for many years without use. Slowly, the nations of the world are realizing that bad people can not be allowed to hurt anyone they can. They will learn more about the limits of power in the annals of the destruction of the Third Temple. This is the reason why the Palestinians without a state have been granted status and are now prosecuting the State of Israel.


The Israeli-Palestinian conflict has no good result. The reciprocal bloodshed will lead nowhere and probably this problem could have been solved if the two sides had not hated each other so much. But that hope has vanished.


In a country like Israel where 49% of male citizens have no human rights and when 51% of women have the status of a supernatural citizen, it is natural that this country will collapse, because who would be willing to win to be a type G citizen and serve his enemy? No, I’m not talking about Palestinians or Arabs Israel but for the enemy who sits at the Parlament and speaks Hebrew and legislates anti-Jewish, anti-male laws regardless of religion, race, and gender.


But, naturally, the Israeli male will want to judge the Israeli judges who carried the human rights flag and took over power in the country and then began to destroy and violate all the human rights of those who gave their lives for it during the feminist race.


But, naturally, we will prosecute these criminals sooner or later because the rolling wheel will never stop and those who today violate our human rights tomorrow will be the ones to be taken into account.


We will not forget, we will not forgive (1948) what Amalek did to us


The Zionists brought our ancestors to the Land of Israel because they lacked cannon fodder from all the wars they had and since then they have not stopped violating our human rights using a very wide range of excuses when the common denominator is the feminists. The global male hatred movement educated us on the knees of the false patriarchy. Dear friends, there has never been a men’s Government. World history teaches us that there were royal families that ruled and everyone else was a slave.


Feminists have taken advantage of our kindness and bought us the banner of equal rights for women when in fact no man in the entire Western world has rights equal to women’s rights, they only have burning privileges in Israel, where radical feminism is in fact racism. Wake up brother, Wake up! Otherwise, you won’t ever wake up!

Un office – Zurich


Yael Altman-Haddad


Five facts about the International Court of Justice in The Hague

Regardless of our position regarding Israel’s policy in the territories or the settlement enterprise, most of us as Israelis have a clear antagonism towards the institution called the International Court of Justice in The Hague. To most of us, it is perceived as arrogant, anachronistic, very European, and very detached from our sweaty Middle Eastern reality. “They have no idea what’s going on here”, we tell ourselves. But the reality is far more complex, and we as Israelis should also broaden our perspective and get to know this important institution a little better. Here are 5 facts to help you do that.


Some history

It was established in 1945 and began operating in April 1946 as the arm of the UN Chief Justice, although it is not the only judicial body used by the UN. Out of the six UN arms, the judicial arm is the only one not located in New York, USA, but in The Hague, the Netherlands. Being an independent and effective body, the Hague Tribunal has a constitution that is the source of its power, and it operates under international law. Therefore it is authorized to deal with any alleged violation of this law. Its role is to resolve conflicts between countries and to advise on legal matters referred to it by the UN and its agencies. Its 15 judges are elected for a nine-year term, five of which must be from the five permanent members of the UN Security Council: China, France, Russia, Brita, and the United States.


Who can litigate?

Only states can litigate in the International Court of Justice in The Hague. Entities that are not internationally recognized as states are unable to settle matters before the tribunal. In addition, the tribunal can issue two types of decisions: judgments and opinions. There is a fundamental difference between the two since a judgment is binding and the opinion is not. It should be noted that the judgments are given only in cases where the states in question give their consent to the settlement of a dispute in the Hague Tribunal. The principle of consent is extremely important because a state cannot be forced to accept the jurisdiction of anybody that is not acceptable to it. However, once the ruling has been given, the states that have given their consent must obey, otherwise, the Security Council may take action against it.


Changes and additions

The first two sections are the official characteristics of the International Court of Justice in The Hague, but over the years there have been sweeping changes in its character and conduct. For example, in recent decades the tribunal has imposed personal legal responsibility on the political leaders of countries that it believes have committed war crimes or violated international law. The basis for this intervention in the alleged internal affairs of states was laid as early as 1945 in the Nuremberg trials when Nazi criminals were personally punished for their actions. The fall of the Eastern European bloc in the early 1990s (resulting in local conflicts such as in Bosnia) and internal conflicts that erupted within countries (civil wars like Rwanda) led to the signing of several treaties that allowed personal responsibility, such as the Treaty of Rome.


Change of focus

These developments have made it possible to establish tribunals that are in fact branches of the International Criminal Court in The Hague, such as the War Crimes Tribunal in The Hague, the Rwanda Criminal Tribunal, and, the International Criminal Tribunal. Whereas the basis on which the law and justice of international law are currently based is human rights. Therefore, examining the existence of human rights in every issue that comes up for discussion outweighs the importance of minority rights and even the crossing of territorial boundaries. Human rights organizations operating in the international arena also enter the picture, so if a crime has been committed that violates human rights in the leader’s sovereign state, his presence in another country could expose him to a lawsuit in The Hague (as in the case of Chilean dictator Augusto Pinochet).


The Israeli angle

Finally, it is impossible not to touch the Israeli connection. Over the years, the Hague Tribunal has tried to persuade Israel regarding its activities in the West Bank and Gaza Strip. We will focus on the West Bank. Although the Palestinian Authority has never been declared a state, the tribunal insists on applying its authority regarding the Israeli-Palestinian conflict in the West Bank. This is not the only disagreement, as Israel claims that this is an internal political matter and therefore the court has no legal authority to intervene. Nevertheless, if this is the case – what does an army do in the territories it has occupied, and to worsen things up, why does it settle its citizens? Recently, the prosecutor of the Criminal Court in The Hague decided to investigate Israel for committing war crimes through its conduct in the territories. It seems that Israel has no better line of defense than to claim the incompetence of the tribunal.


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