The US lottery is now running in Israel and please don’t run to buy a tickets

Do US care about human rights? hell No. They don’t give a shit about human rights. please read and learn


Do not be mistaken. The US citizens are lovely and give me an excellent attitude, but the State Department is very busy lying to everyone. Over the years, the state department gets hundreds of thousand complaints about Israel’s state violating human rights not just from Palestinian but also from American Jews, US citizens who have been held hostage for years, as Zion prisoners in Israel.

The art of reading news is to figure out the purpose of the information you read. Take this news, for example, “US offering $1 million to report on Israeli human rights violations” this title is not the actual subject but makes you think the US cares about human rights. But in real life, we all know they don’t give a shit about human rights, just a few examples which the US even doesn’t care about its citizen.

In the very soon future, I promise you I will give you stories about an American citizen who was held as a hostage in Israel, and the US does everything to ignore them.

United state published travel warning to Israel.


Alan Dershowitz, A US citizen is being held hostage by a rabbinical court in Israel

It is elementary to understand the State Department has a terrific relationship with the State of Israel. This is why they don’t help US citizens when Israel holds them as hostages. But now, because the International criminal court (ICC) is going to open an investigation against Israelis who committed crimes against Palestinian to blow the air and the focus from the ICC, they are opening .their on research, and they are going to find that Israel generally protecting human rights accept some mistakes. This is an old drill that we know.

The famous case is “The Yemenite Children Affair,” which refers to the disappearance of mainly Yemenite Jewish babies and toddlers of immigrants to the newly founded state of Israel from 1948 to 1954. The number of affected ranges is unknown, but according to experts, they are talking around 30,000. Six years the supreme white Jews race were sailing babies for the highest price. Some of this babies sold for research for the US army. But the big story is not this crime but the crime of Judges.

Three state commissions of inquiry headed by Supreme Court judges on the abduction of Yemeni children published their conclusions. Their conclusion was the same because “intention abduction was not found and was not established, the allegations are part of the parents who do not distinguish between imagination and reality.

This is how the news propaganda is working against us in favor of the regime which paid tax money in return to this oligarch who controlled the main media. Just to let you know. Few know how much Israel paid during this plandemic to the new channel 12,13 this year. These numbers are a phenomenon and reaching up to 270 Million NIS to keep these main news channels pumping how dangerous is this planedemic.

Some of you think I probably lost my mind, but I want to remind you of the new king’s clothing story. All the intelligent people talked about his new clothing while the king was utterly naked. Just a simple kid scrams the king is naked. There are unlimited numbers of viruses, and this Covid-19 virus was less dangerous than other viruses we know. There was no reason to destroy all Western world economies for it.

If we go back to our news, let’s see the trick nobody has noticed. We have a new player that nobody probably checked about him. Prof. Gerald Steinberg, director of NGO Monitor, which tracks funding for NGOs dealing with Israel-related issues, said he has never seen a US funding announcement.

So who is this man? Gerald Steinberg is a professor of politics at Bar Ilan University, is an Israeli academic, political scientist, and political activist. He is the founder and president of NGO Monitor, a policy analysis think tank focusing on non-governmental organizations. Now it is obvious why he thinks the US State Department is playing dangerous games in his words, “are exploited for campaigns targeting Israel. These grantees lobby the International Criminal Court and UN frameworks – such as biased Commissions of Inquiry – to sanction Israel, promote BDS, and use the ‘apartheid’ label.”

More about Gerald Steinberg you can be read here,Steinberg.,focusing%20on%20non%20governmental%20organizations.

To sum up all of this article, this is a spin to let you think the US cares about human rights, but actually, they are going to west our time, and things will stay the same as usual.

This article has been done by the Israeli Jerusalem post, especially for you to let you think the US care about human right.

US offering $1 million to report on Israeli human rights violations


The grant raised concerns for the potential of abuse by organizations to act against Israel via BDS and international law tribunals.

The US State Department has offered a grant of up to $987,654 for projects that include reporting human rights violations by Israel, raising concern about the potential for abuse by organizations seeking boycotts, sanctions, and international law tribunals against Israel.


US Secretary of State Antony Blinken

The Bureau of Democracy, Human Rights and Labor (DRL) announced “an open competition for projects that strengthen accountability and human rights in Israel and the West Bank and Gaza” last month, thought to be the first of its kind from Washington.


The proposals are meant to “collect, archive and maintain human rights documentation to support justice and accountability and civil society-led advocacy efforts, which may include documentation of legal or security sector violations and housing, land and property rights.”

The projects can also “take meaningful action in pursuing truth, accountability, and memorialization; and/or provide psychosocial support to survivors of atrocities.”

DRL will favor projects led by local organizations with a proven ability to implement programs in Israel, the West Bank and Gaza.

The contest rules state that applications cannot “reflect any type of support for any member, affiliate or representative of a designated terrorist organization.” Projects that directly benefit foreign militaries or paramilitary groups will also not be considered.

Applicants must pass vetting to evaluate the risk that the funding will go to terrorists or their supporters, according to the State Department website.

Prof. Gerald Steinberg, director of NGO Monitor, which tracks funding for NGOs dealing with Israel-related issues, said he has never seen a US funding announcement of this kind.

US funding “generally was not for these more political NGOs under the headings of human rights,” he said.

Steinberg wrote a letter to US Secretary of State Antony Blinken saying that NGO projects of the kind described “are exploited for campaigns targeting Israel. These grantees lobby the International Criminal Court and UN frameworks – such as biased Commissions of Inquiry – to sanction Israel, promote BDS and use the ‘apartheid’ label.”

The Biden administration has opposed the ICC investigation of Israel, the use of “apartheid” to describe Israel, and the UN Commission of Inquiry against Israel.

“In light of the Biden Administration’s repeated rejection of such campaigns, we call on the State Department to reconsider this program,” Steinberg wrote. “If however the NOFO [notice of funding opportunity] proceeds, the application of clear and rigorous safeguards will be necessary to ensure that taxpayer funds are not provided to organizations advancing a discriminatory, anti-Israel agenda under the façade of accountability and human rights.”

According to Steinberg, “the language [of the NOFO] is reflective of what European governments use to justify funding organizations like Al Haq and Breaking the Silence,” Palestinian and Israeli human rights organizations, respectively, that have advocated for boycotts of Israel and for Israeli officials to be tried for war crimes.

“It’s hard to see any other explanation for this type of grant,” he said.

Such human rights organizations targeting Israel are “an industry on the order of at least $50 million to Israel and Palestinian groups from European governments, plus there is UN support. It’s even more if you include Human Rights Watch and Amnesty” – which have accused Israel of being an apartheid state – “and this funding could, in theory, go to them,” Steinberg said.

Blinken recently met with Human Rights Watch Executive Director Kenneth Roth and Amnesty’s Secretary-General Agnes Callamard, releasing only a brief tweet in which he said: “We support the important work of human rights defenders.” He commended their work in a speech about the genocide of the Rohingya in Myanmar.

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