The state of Israel A.K.A, the Zionist state, has more than 1,000,000 Citizens held by "no exit order", same as criminals, but they are lockdown for the rest of their lives.

Inside this civil prisoner group, there is a "VIP" prisoner group of divorced fathers who have no human rights at all. This group got the Same attitude the Jews got from the Nazis in the last century.

To this group of Zion Prisoners, the Zionazis took everything and they called Zion's Prisoners.

These Zionazis have "good" excused why to lock down all the fathers in Israel for 8,000 Years because of "the best interest of the child!" this is why they took everything from us (the fathers), they have the same "goodwill" as the Nazis had to save the world from the dangerous Jews.

In this project, we show you the face and names of those Zion's prisoners who gave us permission to do so. Be ware these fathers considered as dad men.

This is exactly the same "legal" way the Nazis acts with the Jews

Read more about how the Nazis take care of the Jews.

Most of the Zion prisoners are afraid of publishing their names. we are talking about at least 1 million men and women (of 9 million Israelis in total) who are living as modern slaves and being tortured.

Israel is the number one Anti human rights state in the world

Habibi Haim, Zion Prisoner.

Noam Hoopert, Zion Prisoner, Australian citizen

Ariel Formenovsky, Zion Prisoner.

Yehonatan Kapach Zion Prisoner,

Ronnie Shahar, Zion Prisoner, Austrilan citizen

According to the Israeli Collection Court, there are 2 million active cases in Israel as of 2019! and probably because of the Covid-19 plandemic the numbers raised up.

The State of Israel is the proof that Hitler won the WWII

If you want your name and your picture published on this website please send us your picture and your name

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